F&O Finance

The Finance team provides consolidated business support to F&O departments in the areas of fiscal management, reporting, budgeting, payroll and timekeeping, rate development, and internal controls.

Facilities and Operations Finance organizational workflow


Accounting & Financial Support

Support F&O partners with recording, updating and understanding financial information

Budget Development

Provide financial information and support to F&O partners

HR Transactions

Personnel changes

Payroll & Timekeeping

Biweekly/monthly special payment requests, document retention, tracking leave/FMLA

Recharge Rates Development

Oversee the Recharge Rates development process for F&O

Utilities Business Services

Provide accurate and reliable processing of utility purchasing and billing procedures

Our Work


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Evaluating multiple systems and business pracitices to streamline timekeeping practices to simplify and meet audit requirements.

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Going Paperless

Utilizing best practices to move document retention to electronic format further reducing the University’s carbon footprint.

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Automated Work Flow

Leveraging technology to streamline business processes enhancing communication and approvals. Improving accuracy and efficiency for seamless transactions.

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Simplify Recharge Rate Structure

Find ways to use funding appropriations and billing processes to simplify recharge rates.